At a Glance

Universal Cables is a leading black empowered supplier of SABS approved products to the electrical, telecommunications and data cable markets in Southern Africa.

The company, previously known as Universal Trading Company, was established in 1980 and provides a broad spectrum of products, solutions and accessories from all major manufacturers. The company’s wide product range makes it the preferred one-stop supplier to many of its clients.

It operates its head office from a warehouse and stockyard in Krugersdorp.

The logistics centres ensure safe and punctual delivery of products to clients throughout Southern Africa.

The team of sales experts ensure best fit electrical solutions for each client’s specific requirements and cabling project needs. The company’s services include 24 hour support and customisable solutions, which are enhanced by attractive pricing.

The company’s clients range from power supply authorities, local government departments and municipalities, mining and export industries, to SMEs and electrical contractors.


Focus on Technology

Universal Cables has long standing relationships with various manufacturers. These partnerships are critical to the company’s success and ensure that Universal Cables stays at the cutting edge of emerging technologies.

Universal Cables is strategically positioned between the manufacturers and the local market, which adds significant value to the electrical and telecommunication industries. The company’s favourable pricing methodologies are possible due to its long-term supply agreements with the manufacturers.


The management at Universal Cables is committed to South Africa's transformation goals and objectives and sees transformation as an opportunity for growth and development.

The company’s transformation plans span the development of previously disadvantaged individuals' (PDIs) managerial and technical skills through formal and informal training, including mentorship, apprentice opportunities and learnership programmes. The company continuously works towards obtaining employment equity on all levels of the company - including management, and has sharpened its focus on corporate social investment through its involvement with numerous charity organisations and sporting bodies.

Universal Cables’ empowerment initiatives span outside the borders of it own structure. The company transfers skills to SME companies through on-going relationships with these entities.

Client Base

Universal Cables is proud of the quality of its client base that it has built and maintained since its inception. Its overall objective is to assist clients make the best cabling and electrical decisions. The company’s consistent provision of quality products, technical expertise and client support has earned it the respect and loyalty of its clients over the years.

Universal Cables’ client base includes governmental departments, power supply authorities, municipalities, parastatals, electrical contractors and wholesalers, as well as various industries including mining, agriculture, building and export.

Our Success

Universal Cables attributes its continued success and growth to its business strategy, stringent operational controls, strong client principles, empowerment profile, workforce capabilities, quality products, superior service levels and its performance-driven culture.

The company’s focus on its clients’ needs has resulted in a wide range of cable and accessory stock; this coupled with competitive pricing continues to add value and enhance client satisfaction levels.